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Here are a few Common Questions To Help You Get Started

I’m not sure if I’m ready to do an intake. Can I first check it out first?
Yes, we are a drop-in centre. Feel free to drop by during our operating hours.
When I share my story with a counsellor, where does my information go?
The information you share is confidential. We will not share it with anyone unless we have a legal duty to report, or have your consent to do so.
Can I bring someone with me to the centre?
Yes, you can bring a support person.
Do you check my immigration status to provide supports and services?
No, we do not. We welcome everyone no matter what your immigration status is.
Do I need a health card to see the nurse and or doctor?
No, you do not need a health card to see the on-site nurse. However, to see the doctor, you will need your health card.
Can you help/support me if I decide not to parent??
Yes, a counsellor will meet with you to discuss your options and support you throughout.
Do you help with transportation?
Yes, at each visit, Jessie’s provides participants with 2 TTC Tokens.
I’m a teen parent who needs a place to live, or I know a teen parent who does. Is there room to stay at Jessie’s?
We are not a residential centre. However, our housing program can provide support, advocacy, and referrals to help you get safe housing.
Does Jessie’s have a day care?
We do not have a day care. However, the Parent-Child Centre offers child care for participants who are accessing programs and supports at the Centre, and parent relief based on participants’ needs.
How do I get into the school program?
We have 12 spaces available in the School Program. The first step is to connect with a counsellor. This gives the counsellor an opportunity to tell you more about the program, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions to see if this school setting would work for you and your educational goals..

Do you have a question that isn’t listed here?  Please give us a call at  416-365-1888. We are always happy to help!



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