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 Over 35 years of Helping Young Pregnant & Parenting Women   

If you are pregnant or have a child and are 19 years old or younger, we’re here to help.

Our Services
 Young Pregnant Women, Young Parents & Their Children

Jessie’s provides a safe, inclusive, diverse and judgment-free environment

Counselling - Case Management

Counselling & Case Management

Every young woman accessing Jessie’s services
is assigned a counsellor who is available to her
for personal counselling, information and

Parenting Groups

Parenting Groups

Our Parent-Child Centre is a wonderful place to come and discuss infant and child development, develop parenting skills and receive family support

Health Services

Health Services

Pregnant teens have access to free pregnancy tests, specialized prenatal classes, individual health counselling, and nutrition groups held onsite at Jessie’s Centre.

Jessie's High School

Jessie's High School

Every year, 12 young prenatal women and young moms can earn compulsory and elective high school credits from grade 9-12 in a full-day semester program.

Housing Support

Housing Support

Finding suitable housing for pregnant young women and young parents is an important priority at Jessie’s.

Respite Care

Respite Care

Jessie’s Respite Care Program is a program that lets parents, under the age of 25, take a temporary, overnight break (usually over a weekend), knowing that their child(ren) is/are being looked after in a safe environment by a qualified caregiver.

Jessie's Meals Program

Jessie's Meals Program

Every young woman accessing Jessie’s services
is assigned a counsellor who is available to her
for personal counselling, information and

Community Education

Community Education

Each year, Jessie’s trains 8 young parents to make presentations to high schools to dispel myths about being a teenage parent, to provide education about healthy sexuality and informed decision-making

Our Services &  Programs Are Free

Jessie’s Can Help….

If you are pregnant or have a child and are 19 years old or younger,we are here to help.

You can always feel comfortable talking with our staff and volunteers. We will honour the choices you make about your  sexual health and your pregnancy options and we will respect your confidentiality

Getting Started Is Easy

Let’s Talk

Once you call to make an appointment, we will arrange for you to meet with a trained counsellor. She will talk to you about our services and give you a tour of our centre.

The intake appointment is a chance for you to ask questions and for us to find out about your unique needs and discuss your thoughts and feelings around your pregnancy.
You will be assigned a counseller who can help connect you with services and programs offered at Jessie’s as well as other outside resources

You Are Welcome At Jessie’s

We believe in you

We cherish the differences and unique qualities that every young woman brings to Jessie’s. We respect and understand your ……

Gender Identity

Your Choice

Your Culture


Hear what our Young Women say  about Jessie’s

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Over 35 Years of results

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Our Partners & Donors

We’re searching for really great organizations, companies, and individuals who would like to help. If you would like to fund a program, volunteer your services or make a donation to help young mothers and their families then please contact us today.


Jessie's Centre Service Changes

As of March 24, 2020, due to COVID-19, Jessie’s Centre will be temporarily suspending in-person programs and services.  We will be putting into place our remote service plan to continue to provide services/support to our participants virtually.   Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions to make this transition as smooth as possible as we move to providing services/support virtually. 

The following is a break-down of some of the changes to the programs/services we will be able to offer during this time:
  1. Our virtual service hours will be from Mon – Thurs 10 AM – 4 PM
  2. Counselling – Our Counselling Team will continue to provide participants with emotional support, advocacy, and referrals.  Counsellors will also continue to provide emergency supplies such as food vouchers and formula on a case by case basis
  3. Housing – Our Housing Team will continue to provide participants with support with on-line housing searches, safety planning, applications for special priority, and shelter referrals
  4. Health – Our RN will continue to provide participants with prenatal and post-partum supports; breast-feeding support; connect them with primary care providers; and individual health counselling
  5. Parenting Support – Our Parent-Child Development will continue to provide participants with supports/resources around parenting and child development;& support participants with education in collaboration with Lynn
  6. Parent-Child Centre – Our Parent-Child Centre is currently closed
  7. Youth Leadership – Our Youth Leadership Programs; Community Economic Development (CED), Community Education Program (CEP), and Powerful X Nature (PXN) are currently suspended until further notice
  8. Food Program – Our Food Program is currently suspended until further notice (Sinead will be using our SM platforms to update our followers on food resources such as food banks, programs, etc. that are still open and accessible throughout the GTA)
  9. Volunteer Program – Our Volunteer Program is currently suspended until further notice
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