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Jessie’s Position On Anti-Racism

Anti-Black racism, police brutality, and systemic injustices are a reality in the City of Toronto and impact the lives of many of Jessie’s Centre participants, staff and volunteers. Jessie’s staff and Board is proud to stand in solidarity with the Black community and are committed to systemic change for all Black, Indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC).


Jessie’s is an organization that is guided by the principles of non-discrimination and social change, and has always worked to support and help unleash the power of young women and their families. However, we’ve realized that we can take greater action to support the Black community, as well as indigenous and other racialized groups. This is why our 2020-2023 Strategic Plan includes an Anti-Racism Activism platform that calls out our:

·         Commitment to being both an ally and a voice in the fight to end racism while supporting racialized groups through an anti-racism and social justice mandate;

·         Work to foster a culture of allyship and accountability across and between all organizational levels, including our participants, staff, management and board of directors;

·         Development of new programs that centre around and engage BIPOC youth; and,

·         Pledge to apply an anti-racism lens in all organizational decisions, including staffing, enrollment, board composition, suppliers and partners.


Systemic change is necessary to put an end to racism, oppression, and injustices against BIPOC.  Grassroots efforts and community engagement are what will inevitably influence social transformation. Jessie’s is focused on amplifying voices of BIPOC to advocate for systemic change, and will lead by example through our words and actions as an organization.


A Few Words From Our Participants

“ Jessie’s gave my son a place to live and grow up-somewhere to call home-without Jessie’s I wouldn’t know where to go” – Participant


Jessie’s Center has given me a lot of help and support in ways of school, daycare, clothing and food. The school and daycare have been a huge part of my life at Jessie’s. Their daycare program, the Parent-Child Centre, gave me the chance to finish my education, while having the peace of mind knowing that my daughter is just a few steps away and is being taken care of. Allowing me to focus on my school work and finishing my credits.” 


“I give my whole heart out to PCC because without them I would have never been able to finish my education. God bless every single person who has worked or volunteered in there; thank you so much for taking care of my daughter so that I could obtain my education.” – Participant


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