Hosting an event for a cause you believe in brings people together in wonderful ways. Your ideas, big and small, can generate funds and build awareness. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, a baby shower, a potluck dinner, or a sporting event, every dollar raised will help a pregnant teen or young mum get off to a great start.


Give advice on event planning
Provide artwork and promotional support (brochures, posters etc.)
Provide donation forms for collecting gifts
Provide a letter of support authenticating the event
Give advice on tax receipting, if applicable


Reimburse you for event expenses
Share donor information
Guarantee attendance of one of our staff or volunteers at the event
Provide prizes, auction items, awards
Apply for gaming licences
Connect you with sponsors

Who should I invite?

Consider inviting friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, or contacts in your social networks. Ask if they might consider volunteering to help you organize your event. Remember that not everyone who responds will attend the day of the event so plan to invite 25-50% more guests than you plan for on the day of the event.

When should I hold the event?

Try to find a time that works for the majority of your guests, whether it is after work on a weekday for colleagues, or a weekend event for family and friends that does not conflict with other scheduled holidays. Remember to give people lots of lead time – 6-8 weeks if possible.

Do I need to set a fundraising goal?

Setting a financial goal helps motivate you and the people you invite to your event. A lot of time and effort goes into planning an event. At the end of the day, it feels great to know you have met your goal and contributed to giving a pregnant teen a better chance at becoming a stable, independent adult and parent.

Can Jessie’s issue tax receipts for my event?

Jessie’s is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This is important to protect our donor’s rights and our organization’s charitable status. It is very important that you understand the rules about tax receipts BEFORE you plan your event. The requirements for receipting are extensive and time consuming. You may decide, in the end, that if only a small tax receipt can be issued, it may be better not to offer them at all.