Donors and volunteers give pregnant teens and young mothers opportunities for happiness and independence they deserve.





When you choose to become a donor or a volunteer, you help make Jessie’s a second home for young women facing parenthood without the necessary financial and emotional supports.

The much-needed funding we receive from donors and the time, energy, and talent volunteers bring to their roles make it possible for us to keep our doors open and our programs running at capacity.

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We have 80 volunteers who fill key roles assisting pregnant teens and young mothers in the areas of: Labour Support, Child Care, and Meal Preparation.


Labour Support

Experiencing pregnancy for the first time as a teenager can be daunting. Our labour support volunteers working in collaboration with Jessie’s staff help make the transition easier, offering support by accompanying participants to medical appointments and prenatal groups.


Parent-Child Centre Volunteers

Our volunteers provide a welcoming environment for prenatal women, young mothers and children using the Parent-Child Centre.

They work alongside Jessie’s staff to offer stimulating, quality care for infants and toddlers, including age appropriate programming as well as routine tasks such as feeding, changing diapers, and helping children get to sleep.


Kitchen Volunteers

Jessie’s provides nutritious meals for prenatal women, young mothers and their children. Our volunteers are on hand to help with food deliveries, cooking and clean up.

To find out more about volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.



“The only thought that I have is that it is such a privilege and honour to be in that miraculous moment with the moms. I truly do feel so privileged to hold that space for the miracle of birth.”   – Labour Support Volunteer

Wanda – Labour Support Volunteer



“I can’t imagine my life without Jessie’s – not just the wonderful children, but the appreciation I receive from the participants (parents) and the support provided by the staff.  Jessie’s is joy personified.” – Parent-Child Centre Volunteer

Angela – Parent-Child Centre Volunteer